Twilight Harbour – Spyro the Dragon Guide

Twilight Harbour – Spyro the Dragon Guide

Right in front of you as you start will be a decidedly grittier sort of Gnorc called a Machine Gunner. These guys fire are you with gunfire when you get close,

Spyro the Dragon Walkthrough: Twilight Harbor 100% Completion

All dragons, gems and skill points

Spyro Twilight Harbour Gear locations

What really grinds my gears trophy cog locations

Spyro The Dragon: Twilight Harbor 100% Walkthrough / Guide – Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Here is the easy way to 100% Twilight Harbor!

Spyro The Dragon Remastered | Twilight Harbor 100% Walkthrough

This is a detailed 100% Completion Walkthrough for Twilight Harbor in the Spyro The Dragon remaster. This level contains 400 Gems and 2 Dragons and I’ll show you how to find it all!

Full Let’s Platinum Series Playlist

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